Sunday, November 30, 2014

Winter project

It's November so it must be time for another boat.  Something different this year.  Two years ago around this time my son suggested we get a big boat.   Well we found one and it turned out to be a proper yacht.  It's a classic Alberg 30.  We have worked on that boat for two years and it finally looks good.  What we don't have is a tender for the boat.   That's what we will create and use this blog to document the progress.

The Coot is an 8 foot pram built using cedar strips. It is a blunt nose boat designed to carry a heavy payload in a short boat.  It will be functional and look good.

The first step is to draw the boat lines so they can be transferred to building jigs.  I've done that and have started the process of making the forms.  This is a little different that previous builds with a strongback.  This strongback  is comprised of two stringers that are locked together with the forms.  I have the stringers made and two of the forms  #1 and #7.  There are 8 forms plus the bow transom and the stern transom.

Bow and stern transom